Because traditional real estate brokerages take a lot of extra money from their agents in the form of commission low splits and hidden fees. At Incmobilia, we help our agents with cash flow support. Our agents only pay 10% on all sales contracts, and 20% on all rental contracts.

How Does Commission Advances work? 

On rental contracts we pay our agents as soon as the security deposit has cleared and we have a fully executed contract to lease or lease agreement signed. Our agents do not have to wait 20 or 30 days until their clients move in to get paid.

What Kind Of License Do I Need To Join INCMOBILIA?

A valid Real Estate Salesperson or Broke license.

When Can I Begin Doing Transactions Under INCMOBILIA?

As soon as your license is active under INCMOBILIA with the DBPR or DOS.

How Much Will It Cost To Join INCMOBILIA?

Absolutely nothing. Simply fill out the application online and you will become our agent/broker associate in less than one business day.  

There is a $40 one time set up fee for our agents in NY only.

Is There A Minimum Sales Volume At INCMOBILIA?

No. You can do, one or several transactions per year. We never charge a fixed or monthly fee to our agents.

What About The Cost Of E&O Insurance?

INCMOBILIA pays 100% of E&O insurance for all  our agents.

Is there a monthly fee payable to INCMOBILIA?

Absolutly nothing. $0.00

How Soon Do I Get Paid After a Sales Transaction Has Been Closed?

The Same day of the closing.

How Soon Do I Get Paid On A Rental Contract?

As soon as the security deposit has cleared and we have a fully executed contract to lease or lease agreement signed. Our agents do not have to wait 20 or 30 days until their clients move in to get paid.

Can I Negotiate My Commissions With Clients?

Yes. You are free to set your own sales commissions, as low as you want. However, the 10% payable to Incmobilia will be calculated based on whatever commission is offered on the MLS as compensation.

May A Real Estate Agent Credit A Portion Of The Agent‘s Commission To The Borrower?

Yes. As long as the following requirements are met: 1. The credit must be disclosed in writing to all parties involved in the transaction 2. Credit/rebate must be done through the escrow agent/title company, it MUST be approved by the lender and STATED on the final HUD signed by all parties.

Can I Use A Local Source For Business Cards, Business Signs, And Materials?

No. you must use our preferred printing company to keep the same corporate image.

Are My Clients Free To Use Any Lender, Title Company, Or Escrow Company For Their Transactions?

Yes. You are free to select the services that best suit your needs. However, we recommend using our in-house Real Estate Attorney, to keep more control of the entire transaction.

What About Board Of REALTOR® Memberships And MLS Access?

INCMOBILIA is a member of the  Miami association of Realtors, Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors, Greater Tampa Association of Realtors; Orlando Regional Realtor Association,  and NAR. Each agent is required to obtain their own MLS access. 

How Do I Get Broker Support?

Broker assistance is provided through our website, via e-mail at by phone 305-438-7777 or our WhatsApp company group.

What Forms Do You Use?


We offer FREE DOTLOOP ACCOUNT: Edit, Share, E-sign, Store Documents and store transactions securely on the go.

Do You Provide Office Space Or A Conference Room?

For our local agents (in Aventura), we provide WORKSTATIONS and a conference area that may be used during our normal office hours Monday - Friday 8-6pm.

As An Agent, Can I Charge The Buyer And/Or Seller A Fee On Top Of My Commission?
Yes, an agent is entitled to charge a transaction fee to a buyer and/or seller. These fees are negotiable; rates can vary and must be agreed upon with the client in writing. The fee must be paid through the escrow agent/title company and stated on the HUD. No fees can be collected before the transaction has closed and funded.


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